About us

Omonia is an international telecommunication company with offices in Zagreb, Belgrade, and Bucharest, which builds its own fiber-optic network and provides data and voice services since 2007.


Our Specialization

We specialize in providing Internet access, public voice service in the fixed network, private and public cloud services, maintaining computer networks, and deploying security solutions.


Our Motivation

We strive to provide our customers with the highest quality service, reliable network and the shortest implementation time and our team is dedicated to this goal.


Our Business Strategy

We are actively building our network, focusing on small, medium and large business customers that we offer innovative and solving solutions.


Our company structure


Technical Department

This is the base of our company. With their outstanding technical expertise, they make sure our service is seamless and that our company runs smoothly.


Finance Department

They are the ones in charge of financial related questions. They assist us in making responsible decisions and support us in all our business activities.


Business Development Department

The team that is an essential ingredient to your success. They make sure you feel taken care of and have the best available backing for your business.


HR Department

The pillar of our company is our HR. They take care of us by guiding us to achieve our full potential professionally and personally.

Our product portfolio

Over the years, we've been quietly building on the principles that got us started – working on great brands for great clients.